MOC-55694 Mountain Farmhouse

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  • MOC-55694 Mountain Farmhouse is built with 2375 bricks, designed inspired by a real farmhouse. The product was designed and authorized by CombinedBricks.
  • The first floor was built white walls and the second floor was wooden structure. The roof was easy to remove to view the excellent interior, a dining room, a bathroom and a large bedroom. Also there is a adorable balcony and a small flowerbed. Living here must be comfortable and sound.


Designer CombinedBricks
MOC MOC-55694
Brick Amount 2375
Product Size 25.4 x 25.4 x 31cm
Product Weight 2 kg
Material ABS
LED Kits Not Included
Instruction Form PDF
Package LesDiy Box
Shipped Within 15 Days
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