About LesDiy

LesDiy founded in 2014, is a team full of vitality and creativity.

Since founded, LesDiy were aiming to find creative and educational toys.

Our company is located in 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong, China. We are seeking for interesting toys with high quality here, share them in different cities and countries, and finally receive welcome.

It's on 2018, we found the endless possibilities of building bricks, but also suprised at the high price. Whim, we start to look for alternatives with fair price. Meanwhile, we are looking for the top MOC designers at home and abroad, cooperate with them, and share the sales.

We look forward to realizing all kinds of great ideas at a fair price!

It finally turns out that this is a worthwhile attempt, our products are well received! That cheer us to find more interesting DIY toys in the future :-)
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