MOC-70573 Happy Anniversary French Palace

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  • The Masterpiece by STEBRICK.
  • Giant palace model built with 23,399 bricks. Divided in nine blocks, easy to move and easy to stock.
  • One complete Brick-list and Nine different brick-list for each Block so you can buy all necessary bricks slowly during time
  • New colors and Details: a new main door, a new tree, new roof color to fit perfectly my Notre Dame de Paris and much more ready to be discovered by you
  • No more rare Bricks! All old rare bricks are been replaced by new and better!
  • Two types of roof! Because of the slope corner brick "3685" is always been a so hard brick to find and because it could become also with the new color a rare brick, I have designed two types of roof so you will be always able to build it even if the price of the corner slope will become too much high!
  • Brick Exchange List: Some advices about how to replace bricks during time; Like the corner slope 3675 dark bluish grey, you will find in the instructions a way to replace it without change the final result of this Moc. The complete brick-list will be updated time to time watching how the price of each brick will go on. Let's fight the future races bricks!
  • Many Ways to assemble it: due to its particular design you can easy find many ways to assemble it to find each time a new shape for the whole place, like a reduced version, a simple place without the tower and many many others ways to assemble it!
  • Dimensions in centimeters: W 80.5cm L 78.2cm H 58.6cm,9 Baseplates 32x32 in a square shape, 1 baseplate for each block
  • Quality: Made of high quality ABS material, the bricks are smooth, coordinated in colour and fit well with each other, won't be too tight nor loose, well up to market leading quality. Bricks are compatible with most brands on the market.
  • Assembly: 23399 pieces in total. Comes with detailed PDF instruction in USB-stick.
  • Packaging: Packed in beautiful gift box,


MOC MOC-70573
Brick Amount 23399
Product Size 80.5 x 78.2 x 58.6 cm
Product Weight 22 kg
Material ABS
LED Kits Not Included
Instruction Form PDF
Package LesDiy Box
Shipped Within 12 Days
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