MOC Modular Farmhouse

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  • 3123 Pieces Modular Farmhouse designed and authorized by Bjorn Schouten.
  • A small and cozy 2-floor cottage. The main door opens into the living room, where there carpeted a red plaid carpet, around which neatly placed green sofa. Going further in is the dining room. The weather is not cold yet, the fireplace hasn't work yet.
  • Staircase leads to the second floor, it consist of a bedroom and a bathroom, here placed a loom. Besides, there is firewood pile and axe outside. Life here must be comfortable:-)


Designer Bjorn Schouten
Brick Amount 3123
Product Size 33.8 x 33.1 x 26.2 cm
Product Weight 2.53 kg
Material ABS
LED Kits Not Included
Instruction Form PDF
Package LesDiy Box
Shipped Within 20 Days
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